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About Us

We have been building and inspecting homes in Florida for over 20 years and are recognized by the Better Business Bureau with an “A” rating for service and quality.

*State Certified Home Inspector

*State Certified Residential Contractor

*State Licensed Insurance Agent

*”A” rating with the Better Business Bureau

Every inspection is performed by a State Certified professional inspector that has had specific training in the areas of home construction as well as specific training in sometimes problematic areas that can be associated with homes in Florida, such as the exterior foundation of the home and roof areas.

Once you have assigned us to inspect your home, we will be quick, courteous and prompt to arrive at the location of your home at the scheduled time of your inspection. We will be glad to coordinate any scheduling with the Realtor or the owner of the home. We also allow our clients to walk with us, ask questions and be involved while we explore the structure and conduct the inspection. We want you to be informed every step of the way of any abnormalities or issues that may need to be corrected. Within the scope of the required inspection, we will inspect and analyze the electrical, plumbing, roof and the air conditioning systems of the home.


Marion County, Florida


Phone: 352.427.7482

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